Paroles officielles de la chanson «Maybe» : Francois Maurin

Compositeurs : Francois Maurin
Auteurs : Francois Maurin
Chanteurs : Francois Maurin
Éditeurs : Nouvelles Editions Francaises
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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Maybe"

When i'm growing up, i will have an organ
How do you make il fit into a room?
I can see myself waiting in my castle
For my friends to come

In the evening time
There would be a party
We would recognize all the passing years
We would smile in peace, licking sweets and ice creams!
Underneath a tree, i would see my wife

Maybe, i'll have you...

Now i'm a grown up, but i don't have any organ
Some of my friends have gone, and some of my family , too
I'm living all alone, waiting in my castle
For me time to come

Mum you little son has stayed on the moon
And he's still waiting there for our honeymoon

Maybe, i'll have you...