Paroles officielles de la chanson «Jo And So» : Francois Maurin

Compositeurs : Francois Maurin
Auteurs : Francois Maurin
Chanteurs : Francois Maurin
Éditeurs : Nouvelles Editions Francaises
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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Jo And So"

Since he's been born his legs were far too long
Now he could easily reach the roof of his home
School mates where not very gentle with him
Laughing out loud, pointing fingers at him

Sophie was upset since her early youth
Hiding her body with large scarves and sun glasses
Though she had a tiny and pretty little face
Her neck was twice as long as your arm

They went through a thousand heartaches and pains
As they decided to die
How come that they chose the very same place
At the very same time?

Instead of falling headlong from the mountain
Joann and sophie fell into each other's arms
Now as i'm singing they're running in the light
Everyone finally finds his half