Paroles officielles de la chanson «Heartclock» : The Chrysdoll Project

Compositeurs : Jean Sully Ledermann
Chanteurs : The Chrysdoll Project
Auteurs : Chrystelle Fino Tenza
Éditeurs : Lalouline Editions
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Heartclock"

Heart Clock
Needle love
Cactus brain
Broken hearts, empty arms
I can’t lie… so, I will cry …
I worry about the future, worry about this failure…
The violence kills my world …
Sugar Cage
Pepper end
Tricky rage, blurry mind
I can’t die…so I will fight…
In the middle of my head I feel separated
I won’t fade out… I won’t fall down
Heart is counting like a clock
Dolls are singing “you can’t live in a box”
Run, the existence train
Time is crashing till the end.
Paper way
Cocoon pray
Open mind light my eyes
An x ray on my life
On this page I’m under control
Inkless I’m loosing my soul
Close to me
In my hand hypnotic pen
I climb up the words
I won’t fade out, I won’t fall down.