Paroles officielles de la chanson «Dna» : The Chrysdoll Project

Compositeurs : Jean Sully Ledermann
Chanteurs : The Chrysdoll Project
Auteurs : Chrystelle Fino Tenza
Éditeurs : Lalouline Editions
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Dna"

Genetic story in liquid version under
Your skin Linear vibes.
Electri-fi your senses DNA blade waves are processing regular curves.
A micro solution to loaded mutual
Pulses(delay ) we are connected.
Human machine is taking control.
This is more than a soul affair
Some heat over you
Biological link in the air
All that you can feel is true
Genealogical memory in macro
Impression under your skin .
And at the same time…..
Open your mind RNA molecules
are building into your corpus a life.
A wandering mission ….
We are merging together.....
The expanding human race .