Paroles officielles de la chanson «Rolex» : La Cafetera Roja

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Rolex"

It must be the crush on life or the fear to die

Drinking and smoking, the world stinks
When I think of each one wants to be one
It’s getting on my nerves all importance of visuals – fuck that
Take your clothes off, let your hair grow and fuck off.
Laughing and crying, life’s short, we’re dying
From shots or from cancer, we hope we won’t suffer
God stay above us and watch us –
I got a message for you, you and you

Now put your Rolex in your ass and go back
Shine gold from the inside of your soul

It must be the crush on life or the fear to die

Each I see all the eyes on the ground and the game’s master’s so-called money
You have you are, you think you’re not, you need so much things to resist the boredom
I say Rolex but it’s just a grain in a sand area
Our children act like machines plugged in all day long with technology

You call it freedom to have MP3 3 years old on the earrings
You call him my lover when he pays by month your feelings

Ones that I see myself
I can choose who I am
I can go with strength
On top of the world
If I love myself I can love you too