Paroles officielles de la chanson «I’M Leavin’» : La Cafetera Roja

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "I’M Leavin’"

You hold your breath when I start,
Show respect when I talk
Black light let my eyes shine,
Rest in the dark.
I walk in slow motion I’m not stressed in the dark,
You guess who will be the world’s next superstar.
Not me, born and raised and remained underground,
Twan the best you can find in your town and around.
In my hood you can bet on my flow on low quotes,
Broke but dope shows and hoe’s they wanna blow, yo.
I never go to see who’s on top, stay true to what I got,
No cruising around no block
Cause I got my feed walking each and everyday,
People keep talking about…whatever you say.
You better lay low, take your time and let the day go,
84 that’s the year Twan was made yo.
Shout out to my moms and dads for that
And when I die, I fucking hope I’m glad I’m dead.

When the edge comes near
I’ll be relaxed when I step out of here
Stop breathing, now I’m leaving

I’m a dead man walking to hell, well
He wouldn’t let me in when I rang at his doorbell
I said : Lucifer, I got my soul to sell
Plus it’s cold outside so let’s roll an L
He said : No. Damn, I’m booked out look!
This is my guestbook plus the reservations I took, look.
Nowadays everybody tries to get in,
Especially the rappers, they all want that thing.
They don’t want wings, they’d rather let their balls swing,
Bad boys for life and all about the “Bling bling”
So fuck off Twan and go back to earth,
You step on my nervous plus I can show you worse
That’s my word, and I will count until 4
If you’re still here I will send you straight up to the heaven’s door.
That’s what he did, he counted until 4 and I thought :
I don’t wanna be dead anymore.

When the edge comes near,
I won’t be relaxed when I step out of here
Stop breathing, now I’m leaving