Paroles officielles de la chanson «I Hate You My Friend» : La Cafetera Roja

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "I Hate You My Friend"

When I wake up this morning
I feel some hatred
When I see your face
I hate you my friend

You’ve tried to be me
You’ve tried to answer at my place
You’ve tried to sing that song
You’ve tried to have my boyfriend

And I hate you my friend (x2)

Now I’m leaving this city
To have new friends
Some people who like me
And I love this my enemy

And I hate you my friend (x2)

Some people watch TV and call it freedom isn’t that whack
Some people live behind the bars, locked up smoking the crack
If they would live outside the prison, they would laugh about you
Cuz you just don’t live, you don’t care about the things you could do
We’re escaping from the real world, we’re just tools of our government
Cuz we’re living and dying, our time on earth is a must we pretend
We think we’re important but for the world we are nothing they need
How many people passed away but the task of life wasn’t complete
That’s why I’m trying to get attention, trying to reaching the street
That’s why we mention ourselves, a man from the head to the feet
You know I’m trying to do the best, trying to press out what I got
So my words’ sweet like chocolate, I raise on the top
I’m glad what I got
Like the girls cuz they’re hot
Matter of act I’m a man with a sound and I rock
I gotta except what’s around me,
Pushed back on the ground
In a second they found me,
Since decades : Life is real.

Home was empty
You’ve died at my place
Crying I wanted to say
That I loved you my old friend
And I hate you my friend,