Paroles officielles de la chanson «Locobios» : La Cafetera Roja

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Locobios"

Have you seen the birds? So mad
Have you seen my first baby brown?
Why do you have a crush on me?
If there is a wall to touch me now

Have you seen the drops up and down?
Have you seen the crow in my mind?
Why do you think I’m insane? You want a stroke?
Just because I kiss the rain. It’s not a joke

I don’t have the time to scream so loud
1,2,3,4,5 years I’m not proud
With my hands attached on my back
I’m loosing my life behind the barbed wire

Beats, lyrics, records to blow
Keep it fresh, set up rhymes that’s out of control.
Me and my boys we rockin’ shows like nobody knows
And at the middle of the night we get a lot of them h**s.
We keep it real, playin’ ball and smoke,
That’s how we do it, everyday we drinkin’ till we broke.
And after work we sittin’ back, relax and chill,
I ask my man how he feels and what’s the deal.
My knowledge doesn’t really play a big role in my life,
Cuz what I’m doing is coming out of my soul; what a surprise,
I live my life like I wanna, not what others told me,
Not what others show me, not! Cuz they don’t know me.
Next day we keep on doing it, set rhymes that’s lunatics,
First smoke a cigarette, sit back and have a chat
With my homeboys from the SBG.

Fire in my eyes, they inject me
Fire in my eyes, and I’m gonna sleep
I’m gonna sleep so quiet…