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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Weird Master Piece"

2Uhr 43, RE 324 hauptbahnhof SBG
Elisabethstadt geht meine Laufbahn los.
Muenchen-Ost, S-Bahn Richtung Flughafen Franz-Josef Strauss,
Einfach weit weg, Vorsorgewuensche bleiden aus.
Das ticket bereits ausgedruckt steig ich schiesslich ins Flugzeug ein,
Freie Platzwahl, what the fuck, ich muss mein Schicksal selber lenken,
Selber denken, wo ich sitzen will zwischen den Konkurenten,
Scheiss drauf, wird eh pennen, ausserdem kahn eh nix aendern.
Bin halt bodenstaending, brauch keine Aussicht von oben,
Denn da sind sowieso Wolken solange wir ueber Bayern Sind,
Feiern auch aussichtslos; Getraenkepreise sind zu hoch.
Wir heben up.

She was black rose, got into life early and skipped school,
Never was young cuz she knew she won’t get old
Was a skinny one, with big boobs and black boots,
Always took just one puff and pass it to the next one, a smart girl.
She got respect, all the pretty people loved her,
So she got tired of them and took a bad boy.
He’s got a bad attitude and bad words,
She wanted to be treated like shit and so he did. Damn.
She was falling so deep, couldn’t get up no more,
The devil’s circle surrounded her.
I tried to feet her with a smile but it wouldn’t work,
She wasn’t there, and stopped doin’ her work.
In this world of paranoid, parallel living couples,
Both chasing the money, chasin’ the doble.
Everybody copies each other, one and another,
So you don’t know where things come from.
Everything exists already and nowadays no one wants wedding.
Random shit when I spit my monolog on the metronome
Something original always comes out on the microphone.

I’m coming to show you the way
I’m Ielayah
Here to help you
Up to the sky
Look underneath clothes of faith
You really need praise
And love and life
Follow my eyes

Everybody needs and angel in its life.