Paroles officielles de la chanson «Goodbye Paris» : Soko

Chanteurs : Soko
Compositeurs : Stephanie Sokolinski
Auteurs : Stephanie Sokolinski
Éditeurs : Universal Music Publishing
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Goodbye Paris"

I wake up in a city that is oh so grey
And everything taste so sour
It's funny how you can
Brake up with a city
As you brake up with a lover
That you've loved too long, too long
I wake up in Paris and I can't breath
And it's braking my heart coz I can't
Enjoy it the same
Not even enjoy my friends
Coz it's oh so grey , so grey
Now french fries are called freedom fries
In the country that I love
Which make me be
A freedom girl
And french I am no more
Paris is not so romantic
When you have no romance to share
It's way more easy to fall in love
Under a palmtree than a lampost
Under the sun than under the clouds
How can I live in a country where animal lovers
Are considered as a dork
Oh tell me butchers how does it feel
To be a killer in your soul
Paris doesn't treat me well so maybe I should go
I'm sorry my friends but I'm sure you will understand
That my love for you won't go
So good bye grey and hello blue
Thanks for the smile you put on my face
I feel light now
My heart is free
I'll just sort out my shits and I'm gone
I'll just pack my bags and I'm gone
I'm gone