Paroles officielles de la chanson «Nouma Ft. Noura» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Nouma Ft. Noura"

De todos los barrios pa’l mundo entero
Es medicina brother

I can change the world tonight
And you can change your mind and
Something is programmed,
Children on war are condemned to the hell place

I took my chance and I take off my chains,
Now that I'm free I say what I want and I do what I feel,
This world is cold but energy is floating between us,
I catch it, catch what I can and transform it like Jesus
Water to wine

Haters can't touch it it's gone burn all your hate away,
Fade away, wait a minute have a break and ponte en pie.
This is the moment so don't sleep and wake up life is a game,
Responsibilities will follow your name,
Open your mind, see love and no crime.

I should change the rules tonight
And you should break your silence
World is so strange
Future of our lives is coming to the hell train

Suspicious way to think about it
I go back in time so we turn the lights on
Obviously it’s not so easy
But we can do it better
We can build it better

Would you paint the world tonight?
And would you change your colours
We are so sad
And we’re breaking down

Awkhate egnane houwa ramzou salame (hassaniya)
Les moments de la musique c’est le signe de la paix (français)
* 3

Hade be fenou wa yebghui haza hakhou walide yekhdem bih ahali we wejhoum bi temam (hassaniya)
Quelqu’un qui choisit la musique qu’il aime c’est son droit absolu cette musique, il s’en servira pour accompagner la joie dans les familles (français)
* 2