Paroles officielles de la chanson «Take A Walk» : Tom Fire

Compositeurs : Camille Ballon
Chanteurs : Tom Fire
Auteurs : Sumati Bhardwaj
Éditeurs : Wagram Publishing
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Take A Walk"

Take a walk in ma shoes - and bring down the wall, bring down the wall
Take a walk in ma shoes. Take a walk in ma shoes.

When you try hard you fly high through the lies making you pie eyed
Always right come again and rewind until you say bye bye bye or you get pie eyed
Don’t let mind robbers tie arms back with two ties
One made out of silk, one for your two eyes to defer your sight to look outside
But inside will be where it unwinds so don’t you walk blind


They call her the mistress of satirical blitzing
Like a warhead that was powered by a nuclear piston
So put your head up now and listen to-when-the real have arisen
To tell when to say stop to the nonsense all of the bullshitting
In more than almost every political system in the business
That’s all it is, suits, ties n posh ad-a-lib-tricks
So when you know risk it, telling em to go and shove it
We’re not taking tips from suited nitwits so trip this.