Paroles officielles de la chanson «Got To Belong» : Natas Loves You

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Got To Belong"

Stop trying to create the future

You'll find the present has a way

To lift itself off the ground

If you let it all flow

When was the last time

You felt anything

I want you to shout

With pain or with joy

Relating to ideas that barely exist

Because they come in a package you just can't resist

Creating a myth we'll never be a part of

Made us want to burn all our idols

Fighting fire with fire

The light could be much brighter yeah

Fighting fire with fire

Don't you know where we've got to belong now

Chasing ghosts of lives to come

Caught in a loop that goes on and on

How about the life you're in

Why'd you have to keep it in

I wonder why these opened doors

Need to be opened more

It's just a feeling I know

That no one is obsolete

Because we have got to belong...

Chorus ...