Paroles officielles de la chanson «The Game» : Micky Green

Chanteurs : Micky Green
Compositeurs : Michaela Gehrmann
Auteurs : Michaela Gehrmann
Éditeurs : Universal Music Publishing
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "The Game"

If you don’t like my cooking then
You can keep om looking
There’s plenty more fish in the sea for you and me.
And the emptiness you feel do you classify as real
Or do you store it away and save it for later ?
Why do you do something like this to yourself ?
You could be happier alone or with somebody else.
What is it that I have to do to get it right on through to you ?
I won’t hold my breath I’m blue.

In the Game…

It could be all day long
I wonder would you do me wrong ?
If I’d be listenening to my gut who tells me that somethings up
I’d be gone
What is a life if it’s a life that’s half lived ?
That would have to be a waste like cutting in half all of your years….
And I have my whole life ahead I won’t let you do in my head. No

In the Game
Of seduction
I’ve seen you in action
To seduce and be seduced
I refuse to be reduced by you

I dream of many things
Like everyone used recyling bins
And weed was legal
And I could eat a real apple…