Paroles officielles de la chanson «Retro Retardo» : Erotic Market

Compositeurs : Lucas Garnier
Chanteurs : Erotic Market
Auteurs : Marine Pellegrini
Éditeurs : Jarring Effects Label
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Retro Retardo"

Retro Retardo

SO you wanna hear things that you've already heard
And you wanna buy dresses that your mum used to wear
So you think the best jam is from an old jar
And you worship dead stars cause "they knew how to jam"

It's so easy to turn back and live in the past
Cause it's so damn hard to say what how our life will be like
Baby, better enjoy where you live, where it's at
Cause hippie time's dead, and rihanna's right on top

Fido fido
Retro retardo
Let's go pietro
Kill your hero
Hello caro
80's echo
Te l'ho gia detto
It's a damn fiasco
Fresco fresco
Taste di gusto
Of a brand new maestro
Take off your perfecto
Presto presto
You're a dusty gonzo
A monomaniac weirdo
Turn on your stereo

So what?
You want hendrix to come back?
You want rock'n'roll, drugs, and acoustic guitars
Your kids will certainly ask "what was it like beyoncé?"
"dunno kiddo, was still listening to bowie in 2008"
Is that mothballs in your hand
Is that dustsheet on your pants
Smell of mildew when you dance
Heard of me? yeah, not a chance
Hey papi is that a stance?
Like you really wanna prance?
I can tell with a quick glance,
Your disco won't get me into transe

No your disco won't get
No your disco won't get
No your disco won't get into transe….