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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Tsebo"

Tebz, El nino, Ben Sharpa
Ben Sharpa
Sometimes it feels like the problems will never end – Situation never changing, never turning, never bending Rejection around every other corner and endeavour You try and try to get by, bad weather – whatever! Stumbling, falling, tumbling crawling to the summit
But never give in you’ll witness the mountain call Mohammed! So get off the wall, follow your calling ­ just embrace it
You’re a fallen star like the rest of us, now time to raise it! (C’mon!)
Lift the roof off your potential kids – the energy’s kinetic Nothing’s too great to overcome, unless you let it
Cause Daddy said it love – failure is just a learning curve, Rise your head above – daily you’ll see the tables turn! Thought changes form, thought forms change Reality Now concentrate, elevate, break the chains of duality!
I’ll bear the living testament like Bob Marley ­ Exodus
Out of the darkness into the light ­ blessings heaven sent!
El Nino
Sihla sinyuka siwa sivuka
Dima mshula sister thula
Ichankura siyey’funa sibhampula
Kwiziphaluka sihlakula sigxavula
Electricity iyadura sidwanguza sibhadula
Itik­tik nayo iyarulev ndarabula to igumla
Amarula to icuba ibabulala beselula abantwana Imkhuba ibabutyaza besakhula abantwana beyimfumba Uxuthelw’ idladla utyelw’ intaize ubeliwaza iphel’inlusa Udlelw’ indlala ubekw’ ityala usel’ utywala iphele indeba
Ho wa makatsa, ho/ Ho bonolo ho e kutlwa o sa thaba
Ho se na se lokang/ Jwalo entse e le taba
My my my elegant and fly/ Seems to fall apart
O e kentse tshoso di naleng/ ha o tsebe hore na o ka ya kae

All you do is stumble and fall, stumble and fall
Bona, le ha o kare o ke ne mathateng a jwang/Dula/
Kganya jwalo ska le naledi ­ The star that you are
Le ha o bona okare dintho ha di loki/
Tseb a hore o tla tswellpele/ kannete o tla tswellapele
You'll get through/ You'll get through/ kannete o tla tswellapele Mme o'nare, matsatse a tjena a teng
Empa wena o tlameha ho kgothala
Kgothala ngwanaka o tla tswellapele