Paroles officielles de la chanson «Plant City Hotel» :

Compositeurs : Jeremy Bois
Auteurs : Jeremy Bois
Éditeurs : Sophiane Productions
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Plant City Hotel"

Plant City Hotel

This story is told from a fancy hotel
We are havin'a good time
In the Red Light corner
Where the folks are flying high.

And well mannered men ride a bike, ring a bell
That's more that I can do
I'm a classic stranger
Take a look through my eyes.

We always come and get foot in the door
I break my bottle on your floor
The consequence of green gold from your stores
Oh don't be stingy and give me more.

But when I'm walking in the moonlight
With shadows all around me
I realize that I've lost my way 'cause I keep looking at the ground.
I'm stranger in town.
I'm stranger in world.

A softly approach from the bridge to the dock
I don't wanna meet you
I'm a midnight traveller
Yeah I'm born to be wild

I can take a train for the nowhere again
I can move away
From the "Greenhope Mountain"
But I stand by your side

A lot of trouble is going down
Oh close your eyes now it's too late, I saw the crosslight turns red
Move your feet to the sidewalk
Grab my hand you're not alone
You're stranger in town
You're stranger in world