Paroles officielles de la chanson «Grandpa's Walking» :

Compositeurs : Jeremy Bois
Auteurs : Jeremy Bois
Éditeurs : Sophiane Productions
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Grandpa's Walking"

Grandpa’s Walking

I am walking all day long I have to find my shelter.
I started lost my feet together with my breath.
The mountain range is standing above the top of trees.
And wherever I look your beauty’s killing me.
I’ve been there in a couple of times, when I was a child
But I still remember the sailors’ bridge.
I lay down the dried grass, the flow is fast for…
The river. Reminds me good ol’ days.

I feel alone, whithout you to show me how,
Enjoying the plain things.
You gave me the good seeds.
I hope you know it.

You carried me on your back, I hate the dark but when you’re
By my side, I always feelin’ safe.
You teach me, the name of birds, some tricks with girls,
I’ve never heard so much wisdom.

But now than I change my way, I move away from the house of
My childhood, It’s never gonna be the same.
There‘re some things we‘ve never talk, just have a knock on my door
You have to hear me ‘cause nothing disappears