Paroles officielles de la chanson «Blackbird» :

Compositeurs : Jeremy Bois
Auteurs : Jeremy Bois
Éditeurs : Sophiane Productions
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Blackbird"

Blackbird (only sings on the morning)

You’re moving like a movie star.
And thinkin’ like a scary child.
I would like to know all your darkness squares.
My room keeps on your sweety smell.

I would like you, to fall on the ground, to cry and ask me for help.
To kiss me so long that I will miss my train
It seems that together we’re just like fire and rain.
But let’s pretend it never happened.
And let’s burn all the things.
The sweet songs I’ve never listened.
‘Cause blackbird only sings…

Sings on the morning.
She sings on the morning.

I can’t forget your pretty eyes.
And you were so soft to the touch.
Your words are full of freedom.
Please tell me your name.

You’re scared about your feelings.
And you fly and flee to the trees.
There is something you need.
But highness and tears cannot be the only way to sing.