Paroles et traduction de la chanson «Someone Like You» par Paul Oakenfold

Someone Like You (Quelqu'un Comme Toi)

I need a spirit who can touch my life
J'ai besoin d'un esprit qui sait toucher ma vie
I need a voice to speak the truth
J'ai besoin une voix pour parler de confiance
I need a soul who will be on my side
J'ai besoin d'une âme qui sera à mes côtés
I need a heart I'll never lose
J'ai besoin d'un coeur que je ne perdrai jamais

Someone like you
Quelqu'un comme toi

Sometimes I wonder if my dreams are wild
Parfois je me demande si mes rêves sont sauvages
Sometimes I know they'll all come true
Parfois je sais qu'ils se réaliseront tous
I need somebody who can move my world
J'ai besoin d'une personne qui sait faire bouger mon monde
Someone who knows just what to do
Quelqu'un qui sait juste ce qu'il faut faire

Someone like you
Quelqu'un comme toi
Somebody like you
Quelqu'un comme toi
Someone like you (x2)
Quelqu'un comme toi(x2)

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Bunkka (2002)
Chanteurs : Paul Oakenfold
Albums : Bunkka

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5188 2 2 3 ankayprévwa it's just a catastrophe.i've been really living alone since june/ 3/ 2009.and i told that to some people close to this man (that i do love and with whom i wanted to share life) .i gave them my new adress; tell them a few messages for him.to my mind :they lack humility.my lover was never alone.they wanted to separate us from one another, he got false information about me ;Furthermore i was under the impression that he gave me up when i revealed i was in serious troubles; and so I was hurt;but nevertheless, I kept on going in touch with him even if I never got any answer. i neither saw nor talked to him since august 14th 2009; we could have been happy together today,if he had trusted me because I've been following him faithfully for more than ten years by now.today it's only,regrets,emptiness, disgust,misunderstanding,more or less deep sorrow.actually, mean persons won victory over our love (if he realy loved me ).now it's too late for us, for me, cause I won't ever touch and see my belo
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