Paroles et traduction de la chanson «Hollywood Squares» par The Dillinger Escape Plan

Hollywood Squares ()

Game over, you win.
Game over, I win.

The Sleigh bells are a-ringing, the children they are singing
The memories are fleeting, a little game of {Paper, Scissors, Rock}

The wedding Bells are ringing, the shotgun is a-singing
Now ( ? ) your fingers steady, a little game of {Paper, Scissors, Rock}

A lion tamer yelling, your first piano lesson
A 4--leaf contraceptive, we play a game of {Paper, Scissors, Rock}

A sweaty palm reading, a lucky shot of whiskey
Now come and rub my belly, a little game of {Paper, Scissors, Rock}

O's and X's
Hollywood Squares
X's and O's
Bloody Tic-Tac-Toe

Not in your song
I'm not your singer
Not in your poem
I'm not your stanza
I'm not a color in your rainbow
But now which team
Are you rooting for ?

We're Hollywood Squares
We're going nowhere

I'm an' 'X'
You're an 'O'

And this is the end...

The End.

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