Paroles et traduction de la chanson «Until Yesterday» par JC Chasez

Until Yesterday


1er couplet :

I found a letter on my dresser last night,

I've got a baby on the way.

It made me suspicious of another guy ‘cause

You couldn't tell me to my face.

And so I ask to find out if I was right,

That's when your eyes filled up with rage.

Nine months go by the baby's not my blood type,

Look at the mess you've made. .

Pont :


You know I love you so much !


Girl I would never hurt you ! .

Refrain :

If you play with fire then you'll get burned.

When will you learn ? Now it's your turn. .

Remember all the lies you sold me.

Made me feel so sad and lonely.

Now your fairytale's unfolding nothing left to say ‘cause I loved you all the way yntil yesterday.

Oh until yesterday. .

2ème couplet :

Damn, well can you help me understand ?

Why you would keep me while you're sexing with another man ?

Or was it just a one-night stand ?

Or was it something far more planned than what we had ‘cause…

Pont n°2 :


You know I love you so much !


Your daddy shoulda taught you better !


Pont n°2


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JC Chasez
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