Paroles et traduction de la chanson «Freestyle Rap City» par Miller Boyz

Freestyle Rap City (Freestyle)


Master P

Yeah yeah yeah

First father in the boot

This is hip hop history

Check man Rom my man is no history

I cleaned up my lyric and still keepin' it gutta

Don't care what the streets say, man, listen to your mother

What about your brother, keep this real

Comin' from the streets, we gone keep this real

I don't retire, call me the Jordan of the hip hop spot

Romeo bout to make the boot and make it hot, c'mon Rom


Yeah you got Romeo ak the Rainman in the building

You know, dis is how we do it man


She looking for ? em lame, man

Well I'm bout to be a rainman

Take out the hood make it do the rain damn

You see ? em ice and ? em jews on ? em watches band

Hip Hop's da wife, rapcity the main, man

Im tryna show the world i correct dis

I got your whole life dog, chilling on ? em necklaces

Ha, Im on all da girls wissles

My name's not chris, but they're telling me kiss kiss

The coup heats up like a sauna

The head likes cream so I call her Rihanna

My flow got it like the Bahamas

I get it from my daddy, she get it from her moma

I need an umbrella ella ella

Somebody bring me Cinderella ella

My pc got too much chatter chatter (plus chat, mais lui il dit chatter)

I only get richer, and better better

Well, that's not it man, dis is how we do it

In New Orleans yall stand up man

I could rap for days

Born from the boot playing da boot

I'd go for days

I'd go for days

I'm tryna to get some more bares in, ? dey kick me out

Ha, its all good

Imma spit something out

This is for New Orleans

Come take a walk wid me

Around in my city

New Orleans wid all the girls ? dey stay pretty

Only buck fiftys no little whitneys

And At the end of dat, u gone go across the city

Me I'm young but I'm sitting on twenties (il parle de la taille des jentes, 20 pouces)

The cool stay fly like i'm sitting on a city

I'm straight from the boot, now im on, rapcity

Make my own little beats, got my own little neady

Ha, what you know bout paper

Say hello to the prince, hip hop saviour

And don't trip, the album ? come soon

But my eye grindin' nice, kinda like the moon

Don't trip

That's all yall getting man

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Miller Boyz
Chanteurs : Miller Boyz
Albums : Freestyle

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