Paroles et traduction de la chanson «Seven» par The Glam

Seven (Sept)

Seven dreams and none came true

Will I ever stop missing you ?

Seven hours and fifteen days ?

In my case it hurts : ALWAYS.

Seven summers I had to weep

Seven winters but no sleep, no sleep

Seven planets and no blue sky

Seven wishes but all I wish is not to CRY.

CRY, CRy, Cry, cry, cry, cry, cry...

Seven signs and one last kiss

Seven doors but no way out of this

Seven seconds to think of suicide

Seven angels hold me back TONIGHT.

Seven times seven, multiply

The result is still another "why", no why

You say all the pain is going by

It's your biggest lie so this is GOODBYE

BYE, BYe, Bye.

CRY, CRy, Cry, cry...

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Chanteurs : The Glam
Albums : Escapism

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