Paroles et traduction de la chanson «The Life» par Dope

The Life (La Vie)

It's getting late and something is waiting in the city tonight
Il est tard et quelque chose se prepare dans la ville ce soir
This place is crazy and it makes me wanna fuck up my mind
Cette place est folle et ça me pousse de bousiller mon esprit
I like the lights the trippy lights and all the pornographic stores
J'aime les lumières et tous le magasins pornographiques
I light this thing as they complain about the junkies and the whores
J'aime cette chose comme ils se plaingent de pedés et les petasses
When I was young I dreamed I'd come here and I guess I did
Survive the scum and I'd become someone but never did
These village slums I let become my life I guess I did
I'm just a bum pathetic scum thats just the way I live

This is the life
You want the life

It's getting late and guess who's playing in the city tonight
This place is amazing and it makes me wanna fucking get high
I love the way the buildings sway and all the garbage on the streets
The sounds of trains and sirens make lovely music while I sleep

I'm going farther than I ever thought far could be
By 21 I had a gun and ditched authority
At 22 I never knew the sights I would see
At 24 I made the score that killed that part of me

This is the life
You want the life

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American Apathy (2005)
Chanteurs : Dope

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