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Chanteurs : ProXima
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Paroles et traduction de «Hey Little Princess»

Hey Little Princess (Hé Petite Princesse)

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(Paroles et musique : Jee Wy)

Well I'm so sorry
Dear little princess
It seems I bothered you last day

I wrote you a poem
I clicked and sent
Now I guess I'd better walk away

I wrote you how
So pretty you are
But my white horse turned black today

I won't ravish you
And take you away
‘Cause I'm not that charming these days

So don't think twice

You're so young I'm so old
You're so beautiful I'm creepy

Hey little princess
Where ever you are
I hope you'll always be happy
You're a pure gem
Keep on being in love
Hey little princess
Whatever you do
I hope you'll never be lonely
You're a pure gem
Keep on being in love

Now I know
Life is a whore
And time will wash my pain away

My flaking makeup
Should make you smile
So don't think twice

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