Paroles de la chanson «Moral Threat» (avec traduction) par Social Distortion

Mommy's Little Monster (1982)
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Chanteurs : Social Distortion

Paroles et traduction de «Moral Threat»

Moral Threat
You beat us up when we're alone,
Come back alter & then your gone.
Now your tucked away in your bed,
And I've got stitches in my head !
You made a show for all your friends,
Just remember, I'm not the only one ! !
Cause I'm not in the Fashion Books.
CHORUS : Cause you didn't like my looks,
Admit it, you had some fun,
Then your gonna think was it really worth it ?
But they're not gonna stick around to the end.
When your head is rolling in all the SHIT ! !
The justice system is slow it's true,
So we'll have to take care of you.
Your only safety is suicide,
Face it buddy it's the end of the RIDE !

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