Paroles et traduction de la chanson «Chaise Electrique Feat Olivia» par Fally Ipupa

Chaise Electrique Feat Olivia (Chaise Electrique)

Fally ipupa
Yes olivia this is the champions love
I love the way you listen to me
J'adore la façon dont tu me regardes
Is it because I fulfill your every needs yeah
C'est par ce que je comble tout tes desirs
Take control of my body you make me freak
Tu prends control de mon corps et tu me fais trembler
I'mma show you just what to do so you can please me
Do you like it when I'm loving you I say your name
What a sensation has come over me its insane
Gonna want you to take me to another place
Where it's just you and me on this electric chase
Mama nangai ye napeli moto (4X)
I wanna love you down
When nobody is around
I wanna keep you near
So no one can hear
Cherri obongwami o komi
Eza boto oyo ya butu
Malelaki pasi
Kanda n'elengi koye laye
Accompagner na ba tonerre ya sentiment
Na motema naguai
Territoire occuper ya plaisir
Na zolela nde Bolingo
Ezo sala ndeti ezo pasa mai nde
Ozo botola
Sante vie ya motema na nga
Vraie plaisir et raffiner
Zoto na nga nde singa caresse
Tendresse ne naye
Mama nangai ye napeli moto (4X)
I got you underneath my skin
And now I can't get you off me
Its too much for me
What I'm about to do you with you
You making me feel like your love's so in need
And I now I can't do without it
Mama nangai ye napeli moto (4X)
I wanna love you down
When nobody is around
I wanna keep you near
So no one can hear

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Chanteurs : Fally Ipupa

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