Paroles et traduction de la chanson «Taking My Ball» par Eminem

Taking My Ball

La traduction pour bientôt, je m'excuse le gars
Make my vocals sound sexy,
Ma voix à l'air sexy
Come on man, come on man, okaaaay,
C'est parti, c'est parti, okaaaayn

It feels so wrong cos it feels so right,
C'est si mal car il semble bon
But its all right, its ok with me,
Tout va bien, ça me va
I'll do my steps all by myself,
Je veux continué seul
I don't need nobody to play with me,
J'ai besoin de personne pour jouer avec moi
But if you just give me a chance,
J'ai juste besoin d'une chance
I can put you in a trance the way I dance,
Je peux te mettre en trance avec ma façon de danser
But don't nobody wanna play with me so I'm
Alors Comme personne ne veux danser avec moi, alors
Taking my ball and going home, hooome,
Je prends mes clic et clacs et je rentre chez moi, chez moi

[Verse 1]
I'm that guy man,
Shove a diamond up my hind end,
And crush it with my butt muscles while I cut bubbles,
Slut … in ya shirt, jump in mud puddles,
While I stomp mudholes in ya ass girl,
Now lets cuddle,
Blood curdling your gurgling on your blood,
What I do for my next trick,
Im feeling won-derful,
I think I might just do something a little less subtle,
Shove a f-cking … truck up a kids butthole,
Feel the wrath of a psychopath slash ambassador of the valentines day massacre slash assassin
I slash her in the ass with a icicle
And leave her laying a blood bath
While I put a catheter in
And jump in the bath with her,
In my spiderman mask man
Just imagine the fun I can have with a strap on,
Stick it up Kim Kardashian's ass and make the b-tch run a triathlon, are those pistachio's damn, I'd like to have some,
Laying on the patio man, rolling a fat one,
Shady drop the magic marker, put the cap on,
God damn man are you that much of an asshole,


I'm like houdini,
Tuck my teenyeenyweeny between each
One of my thighs and make sh-t disappear like tara reid in a bikini, believe me homie,
Http : //www. elyricsworld. com/taking_my_ball_lyrics_eminem. html
You don't know the meaning of a meanie,
They call me the fruit loop from jupiter,
I'm trying to maneuver the hoover up in your poop shoot,
Dont move or ya might get it stuck so f-cking far in your uvula
You aint gonna know what he was tryna do to ya gluteus,
Totally dubious sniffing glue through a tube in the studia
Now who do ya think is more fruitier,
Weener smoothered in peanut butter putting on a tube of ya eye shadow and man it look nice,
You should have seen it mother,
I think i'll put a piece of art on my visa card,
Then I'll go meet mischa barton with a …
Then mosy on over to Rosie oDonnell's
With a McDonalds jump on her lap and watch the Sopranos. .


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