Paroles et traduction de la chanson «All Too Well» par Gavin Mikhail

All Too Well (Que Trop Bien)

Ask me how I'm doing care to know the answer ?
Tu me demandes comment je vais... t'en as vraiment quelque chose à faire ?
Soon I'll be the one you know is winning
bientôt, je serai le vainqueur que tu connais
Stand and face the ones you spin
je ferai face
The tales of knowing
"heard the sounds you were creating living showing while the others weren't listening... "
Now they wait to get their fill of all the reasons
Why you made it riding backs of those who gave you all their time unanswered messages "we'll get together when you play the show and fill the stands and meet the customer demand for all things pretty we can move to any band that sets the mood... "

And I can
Et j'ai le pouvoir
And I will
Et la volonté
Hold me down
Keep me still
Tiens-moi tranquille
Take your reasons
Prends tes raisons
Lies you sell
Les mensonges que tu vends
'Cause I know you
Car je ne te connais
All too well...
Que trop bien...

The party people gather quickly drinks in hand to hear the thing their friends will talk about and wish away the meaning and the inspiration to the background music search the crowd for faces focused on the you of all the headlines focused always on the by-lines live the life rockstar persona People magazine will show us all the greatest angles of a face so recognizable perfect grace accept the nomination "entertainer of the year" you beat out everyone and everything even sold us with your tears...


A lasting year of dedication to the cause of all the patience if I save the time I'm willing to give up the things I build and keep away from those who shop the very things I cannot stop the way you live a life self-focused scan the pages get the most you can and ask me how I'm doing care to know the answer ? soon I'll be the one you know is winning stand and face the ones you lose...


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My Personal Beauty Needs (2003)
Chanteurs : Gavin Mikhail

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