Paroles de la chanson «Giving Up The Gun» (avec traduction) par Vampire Weekend

Contra (2010)
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Chanteurs : Vampire Weekend
Albums : Contra
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Paroles et traduction de «Giving Up The Gun»

Giving Up The Gun (Renoncer aux armes)

Your sword's grown old and rusty
Ton épée
Burnt beneath the rising sun
Brûlée sous le soleil du matin
It's locked up like a trophy
Elevée comme un trophé

Forgetting all the things it's done
Oubliant tout ce qu'elle a fait
And though it's been a long time
Et malgré tout ce temps
You're right back where you started from
T'es de retour à l'endroit initial
I see it in your eyes
Je le vois dans tes yeux
That now you're giving up the gun
Que tu renonce aux armes
When I was 17
Quand j'avais 17 ans
I had wrists like steel
J'avais un poignet de fer
And I felt complete
Et je me sentais comblé
And now my body fades
Maintenant mon corps s'étiole
Behind a brass charade
Derrière un
And I'm obsolete
Je suis obsolète

But if the chance remained
Mais s'il reste une chance
To see those better days
De retrouver ces jours meilleurs
I'd cut the cannons down
'éteindrais les canons
My ears are blown to bits

From all the rifle hits

But I still crave that sound


I heard you play guitar

Down at a seedy bar

Where skinheads used to fight

Your Tokugawa smile

And your garbage style

Used to save the night
Sauvait habituellement la nuit

You felt the coming wave

Told me we'd all be brave

You said you wouldn't flinch

But in the years that passed

Since I saw you last

You haven't moved an inch

I see you shine in your way
Go on, go on, go on

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