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Honey And Sulphur (Miel et Soufre)

So potent, was the star under which I was born, That I have done what no one in the world has done, Nor can ever do.
Si puissant,


Le Loup

All saints day the taint of rain
Tous les jours saints la souillure de la pluie
Blood and mud and thunder all the same
Le sang et la boue et le tonnerre tout de même
To those who close their ranks to Gille's men
Pour ceux qui ferment leurs rangs des hommes de Gille

Bricqueville, Prelati, and De Sille

Creatures of the dark creeping up and down the countryside
Créatures de l'ombre rampante de haut en bas la campagne
Brittle angels out to pasture once again
anges fragile hors du paturâge une fois encore

Torture garden rules of thumb apply
règles jardin torture de pouce s'applique
(Torture garden rules of thumb apply)
(règles jardin torture de pouce s'applique)
To sacred flesh and the naked eye
Pour la chair sacrée et l'oeil nu
(To sacred flesh and the naked eye)
(Pour la chair sacrée et l'oeil nu)
Golgothic this erotica
Golgothic cette érotisme
(Golgothic this erotica)
(Golgothic cette érotisme)
Stinking of honey and worse, sulphur.
Puant de miel et pour le pire, le soufre.

So black was the magic in this tragical kingdom
Ainsi, le noir était la magie dans ce royaume tragique
That the superstitious grew
Que les superstitieux ont augmenté
Wise to the wolves that surprised their children
Sage aux loups qui ont surpris leurs enfants
Gagged in sacks and dragged back to.
Bâillonné dans des sacs et traînés jusqu'a


It's roads now home to a beautiful stranger

Lifting her veil, Spinning her lies

Tender Eyes Never-Ending Danger

It grows

A rose that chose death for it's bedmunk

Prickles in wait, thanking her spies

Trickling thighs her only hiccup.

And though she walks the forest trails

She's far from perrault's faerytales.

She leads them down the path where darkness, dwells.

That night is rife with celebration, The tower sings

With so much foul illumination, Strikes a lighthouse for the things

That slither and slather at the border of the pentagram

Mid sour dreams

A beauty Pageant for the gathering damned

Of slaughtered lambs and tortured, screams.





Torture garden rules of thumb apply

(Torture garden rules of thumb apply)

To sacred flesh and the naked eye

(To sacred flesh and the naked eye)

Golgothic this erotica

(Golgothic this erotica)

Stinking of honey and worse, sulphur.

So black was the magic in this tragical kingdom

In this castle of loop-garou.

When Moonstruck Veins inflamed, deranged on

A parcel of victims now tied to.


Engorged on the hordes of the anorexic

Cherubim forced

Naked and blind

A holocaust mind designed their exit

A libertine so grim, sometimes tore them limb from limb

Slitting their throats

Pissing on graves

Jesus saves but the devil made him






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