Paroles et traduction de la chanson «The Chosen Legacy» par Dimmu Borgir

The Chosen Legacy ()

2ème chanson de dimmu borgir sur l'album In Sorte Diaboli sorti le 30 mars 2007

Hence I will anoint

And whisper who leheart tedly

The creed of Hades and beyond

As I succomb to inevitable sin

For I can not enslave myself

With imaginary words of salvation

The hypocrity that surronds my temple

Is assisted by pretenders to the throne

The winds that blow purity

Signify my chosen legacy

I was born in opposition

A contender to creation

In sorte diaboli

In sorte diaboli

In sorte diaboli

In sorte diaboli

For my sins

I will ask no orgiveness

For my sins

They are not to orgive

So never speak of me quietly

Stand by my confession

I voice your rebellion

Against the traitor of the world

I am the first creature of this kingdom

I will be the One

To out live this time

With the triumph of free will

Publié par 5352 2 2 5 le 9 mai 2007 à 18h41.
In Sorte Diaboli (2007)
Chanteurs : Dimmu Borgir

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