Paroles et traduction de la chanson «Cock Blockin (feat. Silk The Shocker, Young-V, Juelz, Taz)» par Lil' Romeo

Cock Blockin (feat. Silk The Shocker, Young-V, Juelz, Taz) (Cock Blockin)

G's up ! ! !

Intro : Romeo
Intro : Romeo
Know what we was gon do some we label man
Savoir ce que nous avons fais certain nous on marqué mec
We got the whole Guttar Music (Gs up) Gutta Prospects
Nous le Guttar Music en entier (G's up) les perspectives de Gutta
We doin it real big you know
Nous le faisons vraiment tu sais

Hook : Romeo
Refrain : Romeo
Tell ya girlfrien go and hit the flo (flo)
Dit à ta petite amie d'aller et ? ? ?
You aint gotta hold her hand just go let her go (go)
Tu n'as pas a tenir sa main tu doit juste la laisser partir ( partir)
If ya momma gave it to ya then let that nigga know (know)
Si ta meuf te le donne alors laisse les négros le savoir (savoir)
And lock a man cuffs, and drop it to the flo (ohhh)
ET bloqué les manchettes d'un homme (ohhh)
Stop cock blockin, stop cock blokin tell em

Stop cock blockin, stop cock blokin tell em

Stop cock blockin, stop cock blokin tell em

Stop cock blockin, stop cock blokin tell em stop

Verse : Romeo
Verset : Romeo
Im a boss so I watch em when pop lock and drop it (chea)
Je suis le boss alors je l'ai regarde bougé, bloqué et secoué sa (chea)
And Im luvin that Im rich, Im just runnin out of pockets
Et j'aime être riche, je suis les sort juste de mes poches
And Im some like a Rocky cuz the fans keep watchin (ah-ha)
Et je suis comme Rocky car les fans m'observent toujours (ah-ha)
Im the player on the team that got the bedroom knockin (get it)
Je suis le joueur de l'équipe ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Hit the beat go hard and ya girlfriend jockin (chea)

On the road wit a star nigga stop cock blockin

Got a mansion on the wrist (bling) blue color terry hockey (chea)

Now you know the real reason why ya girlfriend jockin (yea)

Verse : Juelz

I told the nigga stop cock blockin fo they each stop pop poppin

Quick ass in the ring so they say Im hot boy

Now Im stickin at ya chick she takin a couple, biggle

Cuz these yellow diamonds looks like I pissed on my writs (oh)

And you know Im wit the click, prospect up in the shit

Wit T. Mobile girls we flip em like Sidekick

So that aint the way to act, dont do it nigga like that

Waitin in the middle blockin the tims like you Shaq (come on Shaq)

Hook : Romeo

Verse : Silkk the Shocker

Cock blockin me (me) just keep watchin me (me)

Snatchin at these hoes like some kicker in the factory

And nigga keep tappin me (me) its about to get jackin see

Plenty hoes in the building and you keep tappin me

Cuz I dont give a fuck about a bitch nigga trick (nigga)

Pop ya whole click (nigga) then you bout to split (nigga)

On the flo on the ground bustin wit the fuckin pound

4 fifth in my lap nigga what you wanna clap

Nigga just tryna eat some shit up of the plate (the plate)

Play wit you how you strugglin like you tryna lift some waist

Do it wrong nigga see the fuckin song get back (back)

Cock lockin nigga wit the 4 fifth yak

Verse : Young V

Niggaz hatin on dude, they dont know when to stop (oh)

So I told these lil niggaz they need to stop fuckin blockin (bitch)

I got already enough, hoes on my dick so get off it (man)

Cuz the rims on my Coop look like they Crip Walkin (get it)

These niggaz go (go), hard on hoes

But the nigga thuggin on my shoulder like he dont want me to go (oh)

So I told that lil nigga he need to stop cock blockin

Cuz the dudes (dudes) have these niggaz pop lock and drop it

Hook : Romeo

Verse : Taz

I call this girl over to the fuckin crib

She was a dime nigga she was the shit

But she had to bring her ugly ass money (uh) fuckin friend

I said girl what the fuck is you doin in here man

She say she had to come cuz she didn't wanna be alone

I said bitch take ya ugly ass home

I walked it out do, showed her where to go

Then I said stop cockin and cock blockin hoe

Hook : Romeo

Outro : Romeo

We take this from Compton

To the Calliopes

Tell ya homeboy to stop cock blockin nigga


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