Paroles et traduction de la chanson «Night Runner (feat. Justin Timberlake)» par Duran Duran

Night Runner (feat. Justin Timberlake) (Dragueurs de nuit)

Pour l'instant les lrics ne sont pas encore appurues alors je n'ai retranscrit qu'a partir de la chanson originale !

You know girl
Tu sais miss
I only come at night !
Je ne viens que le nuit !
All the way for the price
Toujours pour le prix
Coz if you need a ride
Car si tu a besoin d'une escapade
I'll be here in the darkness
Je serai ici dans le noir

I've got the feeling tonight
J'ai le felling ce soir
Come girl see me all the night
Viens miss, regarde moi toute la nuit

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Duran Duran
Chanteurs : Duran Duran

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5910 2 3 5 redman30 énorme celle-ci bon rythme
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8187 3 3 6 Cind3rElla Site web J'ai trouvé les paroles: You're nocturnal, only come out at night And i'm learning all the ways you wanna ride Cause you're on the road But not until the darkness arrives And i'm certain i'll catch up to you one of these times baby, oh Can i get my hands on you tonight (I must be feelin' something) Something tells me i'm in for a ride (I wonder if u see me coming) Can i get my hands on you tonight (Tonight has got me running) Something tells me i'm in for a ride (I'm riding into your night-time world) Night runner, i think i'm falling for you Night runner, you got a spell that put me under Night runner, what you gonna do with it now Night runner, night, night runner Night scatters when you walk into the room I'm the shadow i can feel the heat in you Should i be surprised? I feel the possibility Moving right across to me It all matters when i'm getting close to you Yeah yeah, aha Can i get my hands on you tonight (I must be feelin' something) Something...
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