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Biographie de Brandy

Brandy Norwood Richardson (née le 11 février 1979 à McComb, US) est une actrice et chanteuse de pop/r'n'b.
C'est à l'église que Brandy pousse avant ses 10 ans, ses premières vocalises. Ses parents, conscients de son potentiel, la poussent en la présentant à différents organisateurs de spectacles. C'est ainsi qu'à l'âge de 14 ans, elle fut contactée par le directeur artistique d'une maison de disques et sort son premier album.
Son premier album 'Brandy' est sorti en 1994.

1994 Brandy
02. Baby
03. Best Friend
04. I Wanna Be Down
06. Brokenhearted (feat. Boyz II Men)
07. I'm Yours
08. Sunny Day
09. As Long As You're Here
10. Always On My Mind
12. Love Is On My Side
13. Give Me You
1995 Waiting To Exhale (Où sont les hommes?) [BO]
05. Sittin' Up In My Room
1996 Set It Off [BO]
02. Missing You (feat. Tamia, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight)
1996 Sittin' Up in My Room [Single]
01. Sittin' Up In My Room (remix) (feat. LL Cool J)
1996 Moesha Tv Series
Moesha Theme Song
1998 Never Say Never
02. Angel In Disguise
03. The Boy Is Mine (feat. Monica)
04. Learn The Hard Way
05. Almost Doesn't Count
06. Top Of The World (feat. Mase)
07. U Don't Know Me ( Like U Used To )
08. Never Say Never
09. Truthfully
10. Have You Ever?
11. Put That On Everything
13. Happy
14. One Voice
15. Tomorrow
16. Everything I Do (i Do It For You)
1999 U Don't Know Me [Ep]
01. U Don't Know Me Remix (feat. Da Brat, Shaunta)
04. U Don't Know Me ( Like U Used To )
2002 Full Moon
00. I Wanna Fall In Love
02. Full Moon
03. I Thought
04. When You Touch Me
05. Like This
06. All In Me
07. Apart
09. What About Us ?
10. Anybody
11. Nothing
12. It's Not Worth It
13. He Is
14. Come A Little Closer
15. Love Wouldn't Count Me Out
16. Wow
17. Another Day In Paradise (feat. Ray-J)
2003 Mo Money in the Bank, Part 2 [Mixtape]
09. Fall Back (Ft. Brandy, Fabolous & Dj Whoo Kid)
2004 Afrodisiac
01. Who I Am
02. Afrodisiac
03. Who Is She 2 U
04. Talk About Our Love (feat. Kanye West)
05. I Tried
06. Where You Wanna Be (feat. T.I.)
07. Focus
08. Sadiddy
09. Turn It Up (feat. Timbaland)
10. Necessary
11. Say You Will
12. Come As You Are
13. Finally
14. How I Feel
15. Should I Go
16. Sirens (feat. Timbaland)
18. Nodding Off
2008 Meet The Brown [BO]
04. Dig This
2008 Human
02. The Definition
03. Warm It Up (With Love)
04. Right Here (Departed)
05. Piano Man
07. Long Distance
08. Camouflage
09. Torn Down
10. Human
11. Shattered Heart
12. True
13. A Capella (something's Missing)
14. 1st And Love
15. Fall
16. Gonna Find My Love
2012 Two Eleven
02. Wildest Dreams
03. Sick
03. Slower
05. No Such Thing As Too Late
Brandy Jamais Endisqués
Afrodisiac (Soulstar Remix) (feat. R. Kelly, Ginuwine)
After The Flood
Porcelain Doll
Sweet Nothings
What Have You Done For Me
Who Is She 2 U (Ft. Usher)
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