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Biographie de Ben Harper

Ben Harper, de son vrai nom Benjamin Chase Harper (né le 28 octobre 1969 à Claremont, US) est un auteur-compositeur-interprÚte et multi-instrumentiste américain.
Il commence la guitare enfant, Ă  12 ans il fait son premier concert. En 1992, il enregistre avec son ami Tom Freund son premier EP 'Pleasure and Pain' qui lui permet de signer son premier contrat.
Son premier album 'Welcome to the Cruel World' est sorti en 1994.
Il s'entoure réguliÚrement d'autres groupe tels que The Innocent Criminals, The Blind Boys of Alabama ou Relentless Seven.

1992 Pleasure And Pain
10. Sweet Home Chicago
1994 Welcome To The Cruel World
02. Whipping Boy
03. Breaking Down
04. Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave
05. Waiting On A Angel
06. Mama's Got A Girlfriend Now
07. Forever
08. Like A King
09. Pleasure And Pain
10. Walk Away
11. How Many Miles Must We March
12. Welcome To The Cruel World
13. I'll Rise
1995 Fight For Your Mind
01. Oppression
02. Ground On Down
03. Another Lonely Day
04. Please Me Like You Want To
05. Gold To Me
06. Burn One Down
07. Excuse Me Mr.
08. People Lead
09. Fight For Your Mind
10. Give A Man A Home
11. By My Side
12. Power Of The Gospel
13. God Fearing Man
14. One Road To Freedom
1997 The Will To Live
01. Faded
02. Homeless Child
04. Roses From My Friends
05. Jah Work
06. I Want To Be Ready
07. The Will To Live
08. Ashes
09. Widow Of A Living Man
10. Glory & Consequence
11. Mama's Trippin'
12. I Shall Not Walk Alone
1999 Burn To Shine
01. Alone
02. Woman In You
03. Less
04. Two Hands Of A Prayer
06. Suzie Blue
07. Steal My Kisses
08. Burn To Shine
09. Show Me A Little Shame
10. Forgiven
11. Beloved One
12. In The Lord's Arms
2001 Live From Mars
04. Sexual Healing
05. Please Bleed
06. The Drugs Don't Work
08. Not Fire Not Ice
11. Walk Away
2003 Diamonds On The Inside
01. With My Own Two Hands
02. When It's Good
03. Diamonds On The Inside
04. Touch From Your Lust
05. When She Believes
06. Brown Eyed Blues
07. Bring The Funk
01. Everything
02. Amen Omen
03. Temporary Remedy
04. So High So Low
05. Blessed To Be A Witness
06. Picture Of Jesus
07. She's Only Happy In The Sun
2004 There Will Be A Light
01. Take My Hand (feat. Blind Boys Of Alabama)
02. Wicked Man
03. Where Could I Go? (feat. Blind Boys Of Alabama)
04. Church House Steps
06. Well, Well, Well
09. Mother Pray
10. There Will Be A Light
2006 Both Sides Of The Gun
01. Morning Yearning
02. Waiting For You
09. Happy Everafter In Your Eyes
01. Better Way
02. Both Sides Of The Gun
2007 Lifeline
01. Fight Outta You
02. In The Colors
03. Fool For A Lonesome Train
07. Younger Than Today
11. Lifeline
2007 Sim
04. Boa Sorte (ft. Ben Harper)
2009 White Lies For Dark Times
02. Up To You Now
03. Shimmer And Shine
08. Keep It Together (So I Can Fall Apart)
2011 Give Till It's Gone
01. Don't Give Up On Me Now
02. I Will Not Be Broken
03. Rock N' Roll Is Free
04. Feel Love
05. Clearly Severely
06. Spilling Faith
08. Pray That Our Love Sees the Dawn
09. Waiting On a Sign
10. Dirty Little Lover
11. Do It for You, Do It for Us
2012 By My Side
01. Forever
02. By My Side
03. Gold To Me
04. Diamonds On The Inside
05. In The Colors
06. Beloved One
07. Not Fire Not Ice
08. Morning Yearning
09. Feel Love
10. Happy Everafter In Your Eyes
11. Waiting On A Angel
12. Crazy Amazing
2013 Get Up! (With Charlie Musselwhite)
03. We Can't End This Way
07. I Don't Believe A Word You Say
08. Get Up! (Ft. Charlie Musselwhite)
2014 Childhood Home
01. A House Is A Home
10. How Could We Not Believe (& Ellen Harper)
2016 Call It What It Is
11. Goodbye To You
2023 Wide Open Light
03. Masterpiece
Crowded House Jamais Endisqués
World Where You Live (Ft. Ben Harper & Eddie vedder)
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5186 2 2 3 Okaidosan12 quelle magnifique interprétation , un crescendo dans la voix qui donne le frisson ,
quand un artiste arrive a ce niveau un seul mot chapeau , bien sur l'accompagnement de l'accordéon et violons ajoute une atmosphÚre nostalgique indéniable .
tout y est , bravo , vous ĂȘtes un grand monsieur Harper .
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