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Biographie de McFLY

McFLY est un groupe pop/rock formé en 2003 en Angleterre.
Il est composĂ© de Tom Fletcher (chant-guitare-piano), Danny Jones (chant-guitare), Dougie Poynter (basse-chƓurs)et Harry Judd (barrerie).
Leur premier album 'Room On The 3rd Floor' est sorti en 2004.

2004 [Single]
00. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
00. Deck The Halls
00. No Worries
2004 Room On The 3rd Floor
01. 5 Colours In Her Hair
02. Obviously
03. Room On The 3rd Floor
04. That Girl
05. Hypnotised
06. Saturday Nite
07. Met This Girl
08. She Left Me
09. Down By The Lake
10. Unsaid Things
11. Surfer Babe
12. Not Alone
13. Broccoli
14. Get Over You
2004 Obviously [Single]
02. Help
2005 [Single] All About You / You've Got A Friend (Comic Relief)
00. You've Got A Friend
2005 Wonderland
00. I've Got You
01. I'll Be Ok
03. Ultraviolet
06. Too Close For Comfort
07. All About You
09. She Falls Asleep
11. Nothing
2005 Wonderland
00. Don't Know Why
00. I Wanna Hold You
00. The Ballad Of Paul K
12. Memory Lane
2005 The Wonderland Tour Live In Manchester [Dvd]
The Diarrhea Song
00. Silence Is A Scary Sound
2006 Motion In The Ocean
01. We Are The Young
02. Star Girl
03. Please Please
03. Please Please
04. Sorry's Not Good Enough
05. Bubble Wrap
06. Transylvania
07. Lonely
08. Little Joanna
09. Friday Night
10. Walk In The Sun
11. Home Is Where The Heart Is
12. Don't Stop Me Now
2006 Just My Luck
11. Just My Luck
2007 [Single]
Baby's Comin' Back
2007 Over The Rainbow
You're The One That I Want
2007 All the Greatest Hits (McFly)
05. The Heart Never Lies
13. The Way You Make Me Feel
14. Don't Wake Me Up
2008 Radio : Active
Going Through The Motions
Only The Strong Survive
The Last Song
02. One For The Radio
03. Everybody Knows
04. Do Ya
05. Falling In Love
06. Point Of View
07. Corrupted
08. Smile
09. The End
11. Down Goes Another One
2008 Radio:ACTIVE [Deluxe Album]
01. Lies
2010 [Single]
Party Girl
2010 Above The Noise
End Of The World
Shine A Light
That's The Truth
03. If U C Kate
2012 Memory Lane: The Best of McFly
02. Lola (Ft. Busted)
03. The Guy Who Turned Her Down
16. She Loves You
2013 Love Is On The Radio [Ep]
01. Love Is On The Radio
McFLY Jamais Endisqués
Easy Way Out
I Wanna Hold You (Second Version )
On My Own
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Sofa, HyundaĂŻ, Administration
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