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Biographie de Joe

Joe Lewis Thomas (né le 5 juillet 1973 à Columbus, US) est un auteur-compositeur-interprÚte et producteur américain.
Son premier album 'Everything' est sorti en 1993.

1999 Rainbow
14. Thank God I Found You (feat. 98 Degrees, Mariah Carey)
1999 All That I Am
The Love Scene
00. All That I Am
00. All The Things
00. Don't Wanna Be A Player
00. Good Girl
00. Love Don't Make No Sense
00. No One Else Comes Close
00. You Should Know Me
2000 My Name Is Joe
One Life Stand
03. Stutter (feat. Mystikal)
04. Table For Two
05. I Wanna Know
06. Treat Her Like A Lady
08. 5 6 3 ( Joe )
09. Peep Show
12. I Believe In You
13. So Beautiful
15. Stutter (remix) (feat. Mystikal)
2000 Better Days
Changed Man
I Like Sexy Girls
What If A Woman
World Of Girls
00. I'm Missing You
01. Let's Stay Home Tonight
02. Better Days
04. Alone
06. Ghetto Child (feat. Shaggy)
08. Here She Comes
09. Lover's Prayer
11. I Understand
12. She Used To Love Me
2000 Roméo Doit Mourir [BO]
00. Rose In A Concrete World
2002 Drumline [BO]
00. I Want A Girl Like You (feat. Jadakiss)
2003 And Then...
01. Sweeter Than Sugar
02. And Then...
03. More & More
04. Ride Wit U (feat. G-Unit)
05. Priceless
06. Jeep
07. You Dropped Your Dime
08. Make You My Baby
10. It Ain't Like That
11. Another Used To Be
12. Bedroom
13. Testify
2007 Ain't Nothing Like Me
14. Life Of The Party
If I Was Your Man
01. That's What I Like
08. It's Me
11. Love Is Just A Game
2008 New Man
Emergency Room
Friends Don't Let Friends
Heart Behind My Eyes
I Won't Let Him Hurt You
New Man (feat. Jay Shawn)
Start Over Again
Why Just Be Friends
2009 Signature
Come Get To This
Love's Greatest Episode
Miss My Baby
Sensitive Lover
03. Very Special Friend
2014 Big Rich Town [Single]
01. Big Rich Town (Ft. Joe)
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