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Jesse 'Arthur Abraham' McCartney (né le 9 avril 1987 à Westchester, US) est un auteur-compositeur-interprète, danseur et acteur américain.
Il d√©bute tr√®s t√īt dans le milieu artistique. Apr√®s quelques spectacles locaux, il int√®gre la distribution de la com√©die musicale 'Anna et le roi' √† l'√Ęge de dix ans. Parall√®lement √† ses d√©buts d‚Äôacteur, Jesse d√©marre une carri√®re musicale. En 1999, il int√®gre le boys band Dream Street. Le groupe se s√©pare en 2002. Il se lance ensuite dans une carri√®re solo, tout d'abord en participant √† des bandes originales pour les studios Disney.
Son premier album 'Beautiful Soul' est sorti en 2004.

2003 JMac [Ep]
01. Beautiful Soul
02. Don't You
03. Why Don't You Kiss Her
2004 A Cinderella Story [BO]
03. Best Day Of My Life
2004 Ella Enchanted [BO]
01. Don't Go Breakin' My Heart (feat. Anne Hathaway)
2004 Radio Disney Jingle Jams (2004 release)
01. Winter Wonderland
02. One Way Or Another
2004 Disneymania 2
11. The Second Star To The Right (Peter Pan)
2004 Stuck In The Suburbs (La Naissance d'une nouvelle star) [BO]
02. Good Life
2004 Princess Diaries 2 [BO]
06. Because You Live
2004 Lizzie McGuire: Total Party!
03. Crush'n
2004 Beautiful Soul
01. She's No You
02. Beautiful Soul
03. Get Your Shine On
04. Take Your Sweet Time
05. Without U
07. That Was Then
08. Come To Me
09. What's Your Name
11. Why Is Love So Hard To Find
12. The Stupid Things
2005 Off the Record [Ep]
05. Blackbird
2005 Disneymania 3
15. When You Wish Upon A Star
2006 Disneymania 4
06. I'll Try
2006 Right Where You Want Me
01. Right Where You Want Me
02. Just So You Know
03. Blow Your Mind
04. Right Back In The Water
05. Anybody
06. Tell Her
07. Just Go
08. Can't Let You Go
09. We Can Go Anywhere
10. Feelin' You
11. Invincible
12. Daddy's Little Girl
13. Running Away
14. Feels Like Sunday
14. Gone (Wal-Mart exclusive bonus track)
2007 Conscious Revolution
08. Rescue (Ft. Jesse McCartney)
2008 Departure
01. Leavin'
02. It's Over
05. Into Ya
06. Make Up
07. My Baby
08. Told You So
09. Relapse
10. Runnin'
11. Freaky
12. Not Your Ennemy
13. Oxygen
14. De Toi à Moi
15. Leaving [feat Baby Bash]
04. How Do You Sleep (Ed. Recharged)
14. Bleeding Love
14. Crash & Burn (Ed. Recharged)
15. Body Language (feat. T-pain) (Ed. Recharged)
2011 Have It All
01. Shake
02. One Night
05. I Think She Likes Me
06. Tonight Is Your Night
09. Have It All
10. Mrs. Mistake
2014 In Technicolor
11. The Other Guy
Jesse McCartney Jamais Endisqués
Kissing You Goodbye
My Heart's Been Broken Before (feat. Sarah Paxton)
Would I Lie To You
You Make Me Feel
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Better With You
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