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Owl City
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Biographie de Owl City

Owl City est un projet de musique électronique créé en 2007 à Owatonna, US.
Il est fondé par l'auteur-compositeur-interprÚte et multi-instrumentiste Adam Young.
Souffrant d'insomnie, Adam commence Ă  composer alors qu'il est transporteur chez Coca Cola et mets ses titres en ligne sur Myspace. Il signe son premier contrat en 2007.
Son premier album 'Maybe I'm Dreaming' est sorti en 2008.
Lors des tournĂ©es, il est accompagnĂ© de Breanne DĂŒren (clavier-choeurs), Daniel Jorgensen (guitare-vibraphone-basse), Jasper Nephew (guitare) et Steve Goold (batterie).

2008 Maybe I'm Dreaming
01. On The Wing
02. Rainbow Veins
03. Super Honeymoon
04. The Saltwater Room
05. Early Birdie
06. Air Traffic
07. The Technicolor Phase
08. Sky Diver
09. Dear Vienna
10. I'll Meet You There
11. This Is The Future
12. West Coast Friendship
2009 Ocean Eyes
01. Cave In
02. The Bird And The Worm
03. Hello Seattle
04. Umbrella Beach
05. The Saltwater Room
06. Dental Care
07. Meteor Shower
08. On The Wing
09. Fireflies
10. The Tip Of The Iceberg
11. Vanilla Twilight
12. Tidal Wave
14. If My Heart Was A House
01. Hot Air Balloon (Ed. Deluxe)
02. Butterfly Wings (Ed. Deluxe)
04. Sunburn (Ed. Deluxe)
07. Strawberry Avalanche (Ed. Deluxe)
2009 Of June [Ep]
01. Swimming in Miami
02. Captains And Cruise Ships
03. Designer Skyline
04. Panda Bear
05. The Airway
06. Fuzzy Blue Lights
2010 Le Royaume De Ga'Hoole [BO]
01. To The Sky
2010 Almost Alice [BO]
03. The Technicolor Phase
2011 All Things Bright and Beautiful
02. Deer in the headlights
05. Honey And The Bee
10. Alligator Sky (feat. Shawn Chrystopher)
14. Lonely Lullaby
2012 The Midsummer Station
01. Dreams and Disasters
02. Shooting Star
03. Gold
04. Dementia (feat. Mark Hoppus)
05. I'm Coming After You
06. Speed of Love
07. Good Time (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen)
08. Embers
09. Silhouette
11. Take It All Away
12. Bombshell Blonde
2013 The Croods [BO]
01. Shine Your Way (& Yuna)
2014 Ultraviolet
01. Beautiful Times (Ft. Lindsey Stirling)
02. This Isn't The End
02. Up All Night
04. Wolf Bite
2014 Kiss Me Babe, It's Christmas Time [Single]
01. Kiss Me Babe, It's Christmas Time
2015 Mobile Orchestra
02. I Found Love
03. Thunderstruck
04. My Everything
2017 Not All Heroes Wear Capes [Single]
01. Not All Heroes Wear Capes
2018 Cinematic
05. Not All Heroes Wear Capes
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