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Good Charlotte
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Good Charlotte est un groupe de pop punk formé en 1996 à Waldorf dans le Maryland, US. Depuis 1998 le groupe est formé de Joel Madden (de son vrai nom Joel Rueben Combs, né le 11 mars 1979 à Waldorf, chanteur) de son frère jumeau Benji Madden (de son vrai nom Benjamin Levi Combs, guitariste-choeurs) Paul 'Anthony' Thomas (né le 5 octobre 1980 à Waldorf, bassiste) Billy Martin (de son vrai nom William Dean Martin, né le 15 juin 1981 à Annapolis dans le Maryland, guitariste-claviériste) et de Dean "Deano" Butterworth (né le 27 septembre 1976 à Rochdale en Angleterre, batteur-percussionniste) le dernier à avoir rejoint le groupe en 2005.
Le groupe s'est fait un nom en jouant dans les environs de Washington, DC, aux WHFS HFStival annuels de rock en 1998 et 1999. Puis en 2000, ils ont sorti leur premier album 'Good Charlotte'.

1996 Demo Tape #1
03. Hey Dad
04. Gravity Girl
05. Can't Go On
1997 Demo Tape #2
03. The Love
1999 Another [EP]
01. Overcome
02. Time After Time
03. Superman Can't Walk
2000 Good Charlotte
01. Little Things
02. Waldorfworldwide
03. Motivation Proclamation
04. East Coast Anthem
05. Festival Song
06. Complicated
07. Seasons
08. I Don't Wanna Stop
09. I Heard You
10. Walk By
11. Let Me Go
12. Screamer
13. Change
14. Thank You Mom
15. The Click
2001 [Show CBGB's, pas de CD]
00. The Story Of My Life
2001 Sex Academy [BO]
10. If You Leave
13. Footloose
14. I Want Candy
15. Put Your Han On My Shoulder
2001 Throws Like A Girl
12. Dumb Like That
2002 Lifestyle Of The Rich And The Famous [Single]
04. Cemetery
2002 The Young And The Hopeless
02. The Anthem
03. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous
04. Wondering
05. The Story Of My Old Man
06. Girls And Boys
07. My Bloody Valentine
08. Hold On
09. Riot Girl
10. Say Anything
11. The Day That I Die
12. The Young And The Hopeless
13. Emotionless
14. Movin' On
2004 Revolutions
00. Let's Go (feat. X-Ecutioners)
2004 The Chronicles Of Life And Death
01. Once Upon A Time : The Battle Of Life And Death
02. The Chronicles Of Life And Death
03. Walk Away
04. S.o.s
05. I Just Wanna Live
06. Ghost Of You
07. Predictable
08. Secrets
09. The Truth
10. The World Is Black
11. Mountain
12. We Believe
13. It Wasn't Enough
14. In This World (murder)
16. Wounded
15. Falling Away (Life version bonus track)
15. Meet My Maker (Death version bonus track)
2007 Keep Your Hands Off My Girl [Single]
02. Face The Strange
2007 Good Morning Revival
01. Good Morning Revival
02. Misery
03. The River (feat. Avenged Sevenfold)
04. Dance Floor Anthem
05. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
06. Victims Of Love
07. Where Would We Be Now ?
08. Break Apart Her Heart
09. All Black
10. Beautiful Place
11. Something Else
12. Broken Hearts Parade
13. March On
01. Jealousy
2007 The River [Single]
03. You're Gone
2008 Greatest Remixes
01. Los Angeles World Wide
02. Anxiety
2010 Cardiology
02. Let The Music Play
03. Counting The Days
05. Like It's Her Birthday
06. Last Night
08. Alive
10. Harlow's Song (can't Dream Without You)
12. 1979
13. There She Goes
15. Cardiology
2016 Youth Authority
01. Life Changes
02. Makeshift Love
04. Life Can't Get Much Better
Good Charlotte Jamais Endisqués
Always And Forever
Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Christmas By The Phone
El Scorcho
Forget Me Not
I'm Down
Predictable (japanese Version)
Some Say (feat. Simple Plan, Hoobastank)
Starstruck (feat. Weezer)
The Fish And The Wart
What Do I Get ?
Worldwide (Original Version)
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