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Biographie de John Mayer

John 'Clayton' Mayer (né le 16 octobre 1977 à Bridgeport, US) est un auteur-compositeur-interprÚte et producteur américain.
AprĂšs avoir vu la performance de guitare de Michael J. Fox dans le rĂŽle de Marty McFly dans Retour vers le futur, il devient fascinĂ© par l'instrument, et pour ses 13 ans, son pĂšre lui en loue une. Il prend ses premiĂšres leçon avec un propriĂ©taire d'un magasin d'instruments. AprĂšs 2 ans, il commence Ă  jouer dans les bars et autres lieux de la rĂ©gion. En parallĂšle il rejoint le groupe Villanova Junction. A 19 ans, avec un camarade de classe, Clay Cook,, il quitte le cursus scolaire et part pour Atlanta oĂč ils forment le duo LoFi Masters. Mais ils se sĂ©parent bientĂŽt et John se lance en solo. Avec l'aide d'un producteur local, il sort son premier Ep Inside Wants Out.
Son premier album 'Room for Squares' est sorti en 2001.
Il se tourne progressivement vers le blues en 2005 en collaborant avec des artistes de blues de renom tels que BB King, Buddy Guy et Eric Clapton, et en formant le John Mayer Trio.

2001 Room For Squares
02. Why Georgia
03. My Stupid Mouth
04. Your Body Is A Wonderland
05. Neon
06. City Love
07. 83
08. 3x5
09. Love Song For No One
10. Back To You
11. Great Indoors
12. Not Myself
13. St. Patrick’s Day
2002 Inside Wants Out
02. No Such Thing
05. Victoria (Tori)
06. Love Soon
07. Comfortable
08. Quiet
2003 Any Given Thursday [Live]
12. Covered Rain
2003 Heavier Things
01. Clarity
02. Bigger Than My Body
03. Something’s Missing
04. New Deep
05. Come Back to Bed
06. Home Life
07. Split Screen Sadness
08. Daughters
10. Wheel
2005 Continuum
01. Waiting On The World To Change
02. I Don't Trust Myself (with Loving You)
03. Belief
04. Gravity
05. The Heart Of Life
06. Vultures
07. Stop This Train
08. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
10. Dreaming With A Broken Heart
12. I'm Gonna Find Another You
13. Say (what You Need To Say)
2008 Where The Light Is John Mayer Live in Los Angeles
03. In Your Atmosphere
05. Free Fallin'
2009 Battle Studies
01. Heartbreak Warfare
02. All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye
03. Half Of My Heart
04. Who Says
05. Perfectly Lonely
06. Assassin
08. War of My Life
09. Edge of Desire
10. Do You Know Me
11. Friends, Lovers or Nothing
2012 Born and Raised
01. Queen Of California
03. Shadow Days
05. Something Like Olivia
06. Born and Raised
07. If I Ever Get Around To Living
08. Love Is A Verb
09. Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967
10. Whiskey,Whiskey, Whiskey
11. Face To Call Home
12. Born and Raised (reprise)
13. Fool To Love You
2012 The Complete 2012 Performances Collection [Ep]
05. Go Easy On Me
2013 Paradise Valley
01. Wildfire
02. Dear Marie
03. Waitin'On The Day
04. Paper Doll
06. Who You Love (Ft. Katy Perry)
07. I Will Be Found (Lost at Sea)
09. You’re No One ’Til Someone Lets You Down
10. Badge and Gun
11. On The Way Home
2017 The Search for Everything
01. Still Feel Like Your Man
02. Emoji of a Wave
03. Helpless
04. Love on the Weekend
05. In the Blood
06. Changing
08. Moving On and Getting Over
09. Never on the Day You Leave
10. Rosie
11. Roll It On Home
12. You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me
2018 Shawn Mendes
04. Where Were You In The Morning ?
2019 Free Spirit
10. Outta My Head
2019 CASE STUDY 01
07. SUPERPOSITION (ft. John Mayer)
2021 Sob Rock
01. Last Train Home
02. Shouldn't Matter But It Does
03. New Light
06. Shot In The Dark
07. I Guess I Just Feel Like
08. Till The right one comes
09. Carry Me Away
10. All I Want Is To Be With You
John Mayer Jamais Endisqués
In The Neighborhood (unreleased song live solo tour)
Taking on Water (unreleased song)
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