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Miley Cyrus, de son vrai nom Destiny Hope Cyrus (née le le 23 novembre 1992 à Nashville, US) est une auteure-compositrice-interprÚte, musicienne, designer, créatrice, actrice de doublage et actrice américaine.
Elle est baignée trÚs tÎt dans la musique puisque son pÚre Billy Ray Cyrus est un chanteur de country. Elle commence à prendre des cours de comédie et de chant. Son premier rÎle fut celui de Kylie dans la série de son pÚre, Doc. A l'ùge de onze ans, elle entend parler d'une nouvelle série Disney, elle auditionne mais n'est pas retenue, C'est finalement à 12 ans qu'elle obtient le rÎle d'Hannah Montana pour Disney.
Son premier album 'Meet Miley Cyrus' est sorti en 2007.

2007 Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus [BO]
02. East Northumberland High
03. Let's Dance
04. G.n.o (girl's Night Out)
05. Right Here
06. As I Am
07. Start All Over
08. Clear
09. Good And Broken
10. I Miss You
2007 Disneymania 5
01. Part Of Your World
2008 Breakout
01. Breakout
02. 7 Things
03. The Driveway
04. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
05. Full Circle
06. Fly On The Wall
07. Bottom Of The Ocean
08. Wake Up America
09. Four Walls
10. Simple Song
11. Goodbye
12. See You Again (Rock Mafia Remix)
13. Don't Walk Away (Bonus Tack)
14. Hovering (Ft. Trace Cyrus) (Ed. Platinum)
2009 The Time Of Our Lives [Ep]
01. Kicking And Screaming
02. Party In The Usa
03. When I Look At You
04. Time Of Our Lives
05. Talk Is Cheap
06. Obsessed
07. Before The Storm
2010 The Last Song [BO]
09. I Hope You Find It
2010 Can't Be Tamed
01. Liberty Walk
02. Who Owns My Heart ?
03. Can't Be Tamed
04. Every Rose Has Its Thorn
05. Two More Lonely People
06. Forgiveness And Love
07. Permanent December
08. Stay
09. Scars
10. Take Me Along
11. Robot
12. My Heart Beats For Love
2012 The Backyard Sessions [Ep]
03. Jolene
2013 Bangerz
01. Adore You
02. We Can't Stop
03. SMS (Bangerz)
04. 4x4
05. My Darlin'
06. Wrecking Ball
07. Love Money Party
08. Get it Right
09. Drive
10. FU (Ft. French Montana)
11. Do My Thang
12. Maybe You're Right
13. Someone Else
14. Rooting For My Baby
15. On My Own
16. Hands In The Air (Ft. Ludacris) (Ed. Deluxe Bonus Track)
2013 #willpower
05. Feelin' Myself (Ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & French Montana)
2013 Reincarnated
12. Ashtrays and Heartbreaks (Ft. Miley Cyrus)
2013 Real And True [Single]
01. Real And True
2014 GIRL
06. Come Get it Bae (Ft. Miley Cyrus)
2015 Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz
02. Karen Don't Be Sad
05. Space Boots
07. BB Talk
08. Fweaky
14. I Get So Scared
15. Lighter
20. 1 Sun
21. Pablow The Blowfish
22. Twinkle Song
2015 Hands of Love [Single]
01. Hands Of Love
2017 Younger Now
01. Younger Now
02. Malibu
03. Rainbowland (Ft. Dolly Parton)
04. Week Without You
06. I Would Die for You
10. She's Not Him
11. Inspired
2019 SHE IS HERE [Ep]
Slide Away
2019 Earth [Single]
01. Earth
01. Mother's Daughter
02. Unholy
03. D.R.E.A.M. (Ft. Ghostface Killah)
04. Cattitude (Ft. RuPaul)
05. Party Up The Street
06. The Most
2019 Late Night Feelings
09. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Ft. Miley Cyrus)
2019 Charlie's Angels [BO] (2019)
03. Don’t Call Me Angel
2020 Plastic Hearts
01. WTF Do I Know
02. Plastic Hearts
03. Angels Like You
04. Prisoner (Ft. Dua Lipa)
05. Gimme What I Want
06. Night Crawling (Ft. Billy Idol)
07. Midnight Sky
08. High
09. Hate Me
10. Bad Karma (Ft. Joan Jett)
11. Never Be Me
Miley Cyrus Jamais Endisqués
Finally Home
Giving You Up
I Think I'm Falling For You (so Not Over You)
Last Goodbye
Morning Sun
Pretty Girls (Fun)
See You In Another Life
The Climb
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