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Chris Brown
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Biographie de Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (né le 5 mai 1989 à Tappahannock, US) est un auteur-interprète, rappeur, danseur et acteur américain.
Il commence à chanter à l'église et participe à des compétitions de jeunes talents locales. Il se fait repérer par un producteur à 13 ans.
Son premier album 'Chris Brown' est sorti en 2005.

2000 Kanye West Jamais Endisqués
Megaupload Mega Song.
2006 Chris Brown
02. Run It! (feat. Juelz Santana)
03. Yo (Excuse Me Miss)
04. Young Love
05. Gimme That
07. Winner
08. Ain't No Way
11. Poppin
13. Say Goodbye
15. So Glad (Ed. Speciel)
2006 Gimme That [Single]
01. Gimme That (Remix) (feat. Lil Wayne)
2007 Exclusive
01. Throwed
02. Kiss Kiss (feat. T-Pain)
03. Take You Down
04. With You
05. Picture Perfect (feat.
07. You
08. Damage
09. Wall To Wall
10. Help Me
11. I Wanna Be
13. I'll Call Ya
14. Lottery
16. Down (feat. Kanye West)
18. Mama
15. Get At Ya (Ed. Japon Bonus Track)
19. Fallen Angel (Ed. Japon Bonus Track)
2007 Chris Brown Jamais Endisqué
Missin' You
Erased (feat. Andre Merritt)
Cry No More
Flame Thrower ( Burn Or Strangers )
Nasty Girl
Changed Man
I Needed You
Electric Guitar (feat Rihanna)
Flying Solo (Final Destination) (feat. Andre Merritt)
Ready 4 Love
Gone Be My Girl
I May Never Find
2007 Exclusive The Mixtape: The Ish U Ain't Heard
09. Keep It Movin'
22. Mama
24. Diagnosed With Love
2008 AT&T TEAM USA Soundtrack
05. Dreamer
2008 With You [Single]
02. With You (Official Remix)
2008 Exclusive: The Forever Edition
17. Forever
18. Superhuman (feat. Keri Hilson)
19. Heart Ain't A Brain
2009 Graffiti
01. I Can Transform Ya (feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz)
02. Sing Like Me
03. Crawl
04. So Cold
05. What I Do (feat. Plies)
06. Famous Girl
07. Take My Time (feat. Tank)
08. I.Y.A
09. Pass Out (feat. Eva Simmons)
11. Lucky Me
12. Fallin' Down
13. I'll Go
14. Girlfriend
2009 Graffiti Deluxe Edition
04. I Need This
05. I Love U
07. Chase Our Love
2010 In My Zone (Ft. Dj Drama) [Mixtape]
06. Invented Head
21. Glow In The Dark
2010 Fan Of A Fan (Ft. Tyga) [Mixtape]
03. Drop Top Girl (feat. Tyga)
08. Like A Virgin Again
17. Holla @ Me
2010 In My Zone 2 [Mixtape]
12. Last Time Together
14. Life It Self
18. Quits ( Ft Kevin Mc Call )
2011 F.A.M.E
01. Deuces (feat. Tyga & Kevin Mc Call)
03. No Bullshit
05. She Ain't You
07. Yeah 3x
09. All Back
11. Oh My Love
12. Should've Kissed You
18. All About You (Team Breezy Ed. Deluxe bonus track)
2011 Talk That Talk
06. Birthday Cake
2012 Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
08. Right By My Side
2012 Fortune
01. Turn up the music
05. Don't Judge Me
10. Stuck On Stupid
12. Party Hard / Cadillac
13. Don't Wake Me Up
16. Free Run
2014 X
Loyal (Ft. Lil Wayne & French Montana)
New Flame (Ft. Usher & Rick Ross)
Don't think They Know (Feat. Aaliyah)
2014 My Own Lane
03. Show Me (Ft. Chris Brown)
2014 Don't Be Gone Too Long [Single]
01. Don't Be Gone Too Long (Ft Ariana Grande)
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