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Biographie de A-Ha

A-ha est un groupe de pop formĂ© en 1982 en NorvĂšge. Il est composĂ© de Morten Harket (chant), PĂ„l Waaktaar-Savoy (guitare), Magne Furuholmen (claviers), Per Lindvall (batterie, percussions) et Sven Lindvall (basse, chƓurs).
Leur premier album 'Hunting High and Low' est sorti en 1985.
En octobre 2009, A-ha annonce que le groupe se séparera à la fin de l'année 2010.

1985 Hunting High And Low
01. Take On Me
02. Train of Thoughts
03. Hunting High And Low
04. Blue Sky
05. Living A Boy's Adventure Tale
06. The Sun Always Shines On T.V
10. Here I Stand and Face the Rain
11. Driftwood (Bonus B-sides Aniversary Edition)
1986 Scoundrel Days
01. Scoundrel Days
02. The Swing Of Things
03. I've Been Losing You
04. October
05. Manhattan Skyline
06. Cry Wolf
10. Soft Rains of April
11. This Alone is Love
12. Days On End (Bonus Demo Aniversary Edition)
1987 The Living Daylights [BO]
01. The Living Daylights
1988 Stay on These Roads
01. Stay on These Roads
04. This Alone is Love
05. Hurry Home
06. The Living Daylights
08. Out Of Blue Comes Green
1990 East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon
02. Early Morning
03. I Call your Name
04. Slender Frame
05. East of the Sun, West of the Moon
06. Sycamore Leaves
09. The Way We Talk
10. Rolling Thunder
11. (Seemingly) Nonstop July
12. Trees Will Not Grow on Sand (Bonus Demo Aniversary Edition)
1993 Memorial Beach
01. Dark is the Night for All
02. Move to Memphis
03. Cold as Stone
04. Angel in the Snow
05. Locust
2000 Minor Earth, Major Sky
03. Velvet
12. I Won't Forget Her
13. Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count
01. Minor Earth, Major Sky
09. I Wish I Cared
2002 Lifelines
03. Forever Not Yours
08. Oranges On Appletrees
2005 Analogue
01. Celice
02. Don't Do Me Any Favors
03. Cosy Prisons
04. Analogue (All I Want)
08. Halfway through the Tour
11. Make it Soon
2015 Cast In Steel
02. Under The Makeup
2019 Music of My Life (Blinded by the Light) [BO]
03. The Sun Always Shines On T.V
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